Looney Tunes Superstars' Pepe Le Pew: Zee Best Of Zee Best

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Zee Best Of Zee Best
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Arthur Davis
Friz Freleng
Abe Levitow
Starring: Pepe Le Pew
Penelope Pussycat
Tweety Bird
Release-date: December 27th, 2012
No. of cartoons: 17

Looney Tunes Superstars' Pepe Le Pew: Zee Best Of Zee Best is a collection of Pepe Le Pew/Penelope Pussycat cartoons. It was released on December 27th, 2011.

File:Z Best Of Z Best.jpg
Incorrect Cover (which states "15 Cartoon Classics" instead of 17)


All of the film-shorts were directed by Chuck Jones unless otherwise noted.

  1. Odor-able Kitty (January 6th, 1945)
  2. Scent-imental Over You (March 8th, 1947)
  3. Odor Of The Day (October 2nd, 1948), directed by Arthur Davis
  4. For Scent-imental Reasons (November 12th, 1949)
  5. Scent-imental Romeo (March 24th, 1951)
  6. Little Beau Pepe (March 29th, 1952)
  7. Wild Over You (July 11th, 1953)
  8. Dog Pounded (Groundhog's Day, 1954), directed by Friz Freleng
  9. The Cats Bah (March 20th, 1954)
  10. Past Perfumance (May 21st, 1955)
  11. Two Scent's Worth (October 15th, 1955)
  12. Heaven Scent (March 31st, 1956)
  13. Touche & Go (October 12th, 1957)
  14. Really Scent (June 27th, 1959), directed by Abe Levitow
  15. Who Scent You? (April 23rd, 1960)
  16. A Scent of the Matterhorn (June 24th, 1961)
  17. Louvre Come Back To Me! (August 18th, 1962)