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Descriptions and status of the Acme Heads, Rollbacks, and Chat Guards.

Acme Head Descriptions[edit]

Username Description Status
Moehoward Moehoward is the adopter of the Looney Tunes Wiki. Without him, the wiki would be inactive. Inactive
Teleram Teleram is a b-crat and admin and is the founder of the Teleram Wiki. Inactive
Doctor Bugs Doctor Bugs is skillful with The Looney Tunes Show related pages, and is also the founder of the Looney Tunes and Looney Tunes Show Fanon Wikis. He was demoted from his b-crat and admin status by Tanner in early 2013 due to unknown issues. His rights were quickly restored when Tanner was kicked out of the Head Admin position. Semi-Active
ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 Hello! I'm ClassicNickFan1, or just CNF for short. I'm an admin on a variety of wikias, so you're bound to find me somewhere! If there's anything you need help with, just contact me on my message wall here! Thanks! Active
Freadliest warrior Fred, or Ed, is the founder of CHOF, the Cartoon Hall of Fame. Semi-Active


Leven is skilled with templates and is a kind user to the community. Semi-Active
CalzoneManiac Hi there everybody! I am an admin on the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki, the Sanjay and Craig Wiki, and the founder of the Rating System Wiki! I'm there to help with any need possible. Active

Former Acme Head Descriptions[edit]

Username Description Demoted For
Lazaro Nightfury2 Hi. I'm Tanner. I'm pretty good at coding, and although I am not an admin, I think I'll stick around for awhile to make occasional improvements to the wiki. Abuse of "Head Admin" title
Wack'd About Wiki Inactive founder of the site. Inactivity
ProfessorDuck Write something about YOU here Resigned
JeremyCreek Write something about YOU here Inconsistency of activity
Chintzy Write something about YOU here COPPA violation, inconsistency of activity

Rollback / Chat Guard Descriptions[edit]

Username Description Status
ProfessorDuck Write something about YOU here Inactive