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This is an official project page of Loonipedia.

A list of nicknames for the users of Loonipedia.


Full Username Nickname(s)
Doctor Bugs

Doc, Bugs, Doctor, DB

Teleram Tel, Ram, Telly

Leven, Thumper,


Freadliest warrior

Fred, Freadly, Fready,

Warrior, Fread

Moehoward Moe
ProfessorDuck Duck, Professor
ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 CNF, Classic, Nick
Wackston Wacket, Wack
Wack'd About Wiki

Wack'd, Wiki, WAW,


SunOyun Sun
Family guy sucks

Family, FGS, Dave

Da Nerd DN, Nerd, Noid
CalzoneManiac Cal, Calzone, Maniac, CM, Nevada, Nevadabell