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Loonipedia:List of policies

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This is an official project page of Loonipedia.

This is a list of policies that all users must follow if they want to be allowed to edit here.

(Note: for most offenses, you will receive 3 - 5 strikes - depending on the severity of the offense itself - before you are anvilled for varying amounts of time).

Rule #1: Plagiarism[edit]

Do not copy-and-paste from other websites, unless they are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

Punishment: none

Rule #2: No Trolling[edit]

Trolling is purposely annoying people just to get a laugh. Anyone who does this excessively (even after being warned) may very well get anvilled.

Punishment: 3 strikes, 1-week anvil drop

Rule #3: Subject Matter[edit]

All articles on this wiki must involve Looney Tunes. Any that don't will eventually be deleted.

Punishment: 4 strikes, 3-day anvil drop

Rule #4: No Vandalism[edit]

Vandalism is replacing article content with nonsense or gibberish, false information, and/or vulgar phrases. Simply put, don't do it.

Punishment: 2-week anvil drop

Rule #5: No Fan-Art Or Inappropriate Pics[edit]

All images must be screenshots taken yourself or pictures found on Google or some other. Please do not upload fan-made/inappropriate photos.

Punishment: 3 strikes, 1 - 2 week anvil drop

Rule #6: No Cyberbullying[edit]

Cyberbullying is a completely unforgivable offense. If someone is cyberbullying you, contact an administrator and they will intervene. A punishment will then be decided based on what they think of the situation.

Rule #7: Opinions[edit]

Your opinion doesn't dominate over everyone else's. You are allowed to state your thoughts/beliefs (i.e. "I love Duck Dynasty," "I hate Pretty Little Liars," "I enjoyed Foodight!", etc.), but please don't force it on other users like some sort of westboro bigot (i.e. "Cars 2 is the worst freaking Pixar sequel EVER; your opinion doesn't matter," "Screw Secret-Teen" etc.).

Punishment: 5 strikes (length of anvil drop will vary depending on the severity of the offense)

Rule #8: No Sockpuppetry[edit]

Sockpuppeting or socking is creating multiple accounts to dodge an anvil drop.

Punishment: indefinite anvil drop on your sock, extension on your real account's anvil drop by a day or week

Rule #9: Profanity[edit]

Main article: Loonipedia:Allowed Words

Rule #10: COPPA[edit]

Per ShoutWiki's  COPPA guidelines, you must be at least 13 to edit here. If you are underage, you will be anvilled until your 13th birthday.

Rule #11: No Spamming[edit]

Spamming is purposely posting the same things over and over again. You are not allowed to do this unless you are posting "Best Wishes" templates on the talk pages/message boards of a bunch of different users to wish them a happy holiday (just don't do it multiple times to the same user).

Punishment: 3 strikes, 3-day anvil drop

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