Mallory Mastermind

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Mallory Mastermind
Background information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: The Menace Of Mastermind
Created by: Joseph Louis Grant
Adam Trevor Grant
Portrayed by: Florence Henderson

Mallory Mastermind is one of the villains in Loonatics Unleashed.


In The Menace of Mastermind, Tech announces that he fought her and he sent her to prison before he was a super hero. That is why her head is so big because the machine affected her because Tech changed the machine but unfortunately hit her. Also she said she would get him back one day which she never did. In the two part episode (Armageddon) when the villains trap the Loonatics in a prison and she has changed the code so tech did not know it tech finds out what it is and says he knows it because they used to share locker and it's a long story which means that tech and Mallory used to go out when they where in college.


Mastermind (Mallory) has a super power that when she has metal she can change it in to whatever she wants to and that she doesn't need tools to do it. Mallory is very smart and normally can win anything if she needs her brain and the only person that can beat her is Tech E. Coyote.