Molly's cat

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Molly's C​at is a minor villain in 2 episodes of Taz-Mania, Here Kitty Kitty Kitty and Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Part II (or Episode 10 and 22). 


He is nice with Molly, however, he is cruel to Taz for no given reason at all. Molly accuses Taz of his cruelty with the cat, even though it really is the cat's fault.

History With Taz[edit]

Taz defeated him in the cat's first appearance in the bath room and the cat disappear in the hole of canalisation of bath. In back he try attack again Taz and make the accusation for Taz of his cruelty with the pet.Later Taz try defense from him and deafeat in fall on the lake.