Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? / Flu the Coop

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[1]Oh, Brother, Warehouse Art Thou and Flu the Coop are the 7th and 8th episodes of the second season of Baby Looney Tunes.


Oh, Brother, Warehoue Art Thou: While playing sailors, Daffy accidentally breaks Granny's readng chair by bouncing on it for too long. Floyd takes the kids to the houseware store. The kids frolic about there, much to the anger of the manager. Sylvester gets bounced about and ultimately gets ice cream onto the new chair they're going to get. Floyd takes the new chair up to the bedroom but finds out that Granny has bought some beanbags for the kids.

Flu the Coop: Having been woken up at 7 o' clock, the kids run downstairs thinking it's the day of the big picnic. Granny takes them to the hospital to get their Flu shots. Daffy, however, thinks he doesn't need a shot due to him "Never being sick a day in his life". Bugs states that he hasn't either so he thinks it's only fair they "Share their shots with the folks who really need them" so they leave the waiting room and begin to play doctors. Meanwhile, Sylvester, Tweety, Taz and Lola get their shots and each get a sugar free Sour cherry Lollipop. They show Granny who tells them they have an "Excellent taste in bandages". Sylvester's has Zebra stripes, Lola's has hearts, Tweety's is like a green armband and Taz's has balloons. Granny finds out that Bugs and Daffy don't have bandages or lollipops. Next morning, Bugs and Daffy have the Flu and so they miss out on the big picnic the others have.


{first lines of Oh, Brother, Warehouse art thou}

Daffy: Ahoy, Sailors! The great white Whale, dead ahead!

Floyd: Say, Daffster, can you hep Lola and Bugs watch Sly while I shop?

Daffy: Why, Certainly.

Floys: Thanks, Old Daffy-boy.

Daffy: Flu shots? Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better!

Tweety: Aw, Granny, why do we have to get Shots?

Granny: Shots are only unpleasant for a little while but getting sick is much worse.

Taz: Taz like Monkeys! {Begins counting} One Monkey, Two monkeys, Four monkeys, Six monkeys, One monkey, Two monkeys, Eight monkeys, Four monkeys, Ten monkeys!

{Next morning}

Alarm Clock: GRRR! Time to get up and start your d-

Lola: {Stops the alarm clock} It's Picnic Day!

{All of the kids jump out of bed but Bugs and Daffy have red eyes, hinting they have the Flu}

Bugs: Woah! Head rush!

Daffy: Ugh... Whoever's spinning the room make it stop!

{last lines of Flu the coop}

Bugs: This is the best day I never had.

Both: {Sigh}

Daffy: I can't believe we didn't get the Flu shots. That was the dumbest idea you ever had.

Bugs: {Angry} MY IDEA! You're the one who said you've never been sick a day in your life!

Daffy: Since when do you listen to me? Haven't you ever heard of getting a second opinion?


  • When sylvester asks "What's Granny's big idea waing us up so early?" His left ear temporarily disappears.
  • After Taz points out that Shots keep him from missing a Cookie Pizza day, Sylvester's nose is black.
  • When Sylvester is counting the monkeys, he is wearing headphones but when the doctor tells him that there's a sugar free sour cherry lollipop with his name on it, the headphones are gone.
  • When Bugs and Daffy are looking out of the window, Petunia can be seen even though she wasn't in the episode.


  • "Flu the Coop" is one of only 2 season 2 episodes in which Floyd is absent. The other one is Baby Brouhaha.
  • "Oh, brother, warehouse art thou?" marks the first (and only) appearance of the houseware manager.