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Patient Porky is a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon, starring Porky Pig. It was directed by Bob Clampett, and written by Warren Foster. Music by Carl W. Stalling It was released on September 14, 1940. The cartoon features a rabbit that resembles Bugs Bunny (who has a mere cameo).This episode is also a remake of Daffy Doc with a crazy cat replacing Daffy.


The cartoon begins with a tour of a hospital. Porky checks in, with a stomach ache, caused by overeating at his birthday party. Instead of a real doctor, he encounters a crazy cat patient posing as "Dr. Chilled-Air" (a reference to Dr. Kildare), After an X-Ray showing a birthday cake with only one piece missing and candles still lit in Porky's stomach, that cat decides to take Porky on as his own patient. He throws Porky into a bed and rushes him off to the operating room where he intends on performing surgery on him with a huge saw. Realizing the cat's intentions, Porky tries to escape and runs back to his house (the same house from Porky & Daffy) with the cat hot on his trail. The cat finds Porky laying in his bed, smiling with the covers pulled over him and runs over to him. Thinking he has the upper hand,he again attempts to operate on Porky, but after lifting Porky's gown he sees a "Do Not Open till Xmas" sticker on Porky's belly. The cat then ponders "Christmas?" then jumps into bed right next to Porky and states, "I'll wait!" much to Porky's dismay.


  • With the exception of the broadcast during The Bob Clampett Show, Cartoon Network edits the scenes of Rochester as an Elevator operator. Nickelodeon also did this edit.

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