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Person to Bunny is a 1959 Bugs Bunny cartoon (out of date on April 1, 1960). It stars Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd.


In his Hollywood home Bugs is being interviewed on the TV show "People to People" with Cedric R. Burrows (a knock-off of the Edward R. Murrow series, Person to Person). As Bugs is interviewed, he is greeted with a knock on the door and it is Daffy Duck who shows up. Knowing that Bugs is being interviewed, Daffy decides to get in on the action, but Bugs doesn't want Daffy in on it making Daffy mad. Burrows now is asking how Bugs has outsmarted Elmer Fudd over the years and Bugs says questionably "Elmer Fudd smart?" and says that he is stupid and his I.Q. was P.U. Elmer is watching "People to People" at home and when he hears Bugs saying that he was stupid, he is now very angry and blows his top and decides to come over to settle the score with Bugs. Meanwhile, Daffy is singing an Al Jolson song as Bugs is watching. Bugs decides to show Daffy a TV camera and then a rifle comes out and shoots Daffy leaving him with a bent beak. Just then, Elmer comes over, and Bugs stops the interview and decides to settle with Elmer. Elmer tells Bugs that he has 5 seconds to apologize to him for calling him stupid or he will shoot, and when Elmer begins to shoot, Bugs puts a carrot in the gun and it backfires on him. Daffy is now jealous of Bugs and starts imitating Bugs with a rabbit suit eating a carrot and mocking Bugs and says that anyone can do what he does. Then Elmer comes back and when Daffy starts to walk out, he is shot by Elmer thinking that it was Bugs and then Daffy points to Bugs and Elmer chases Bugs outside. Back at Bugs's home and noticing that Bugs is gone, Daffy decides to go all out for Mr. Burrows and decides to do a song and dance number. Outside, Bugs outsmarts Elmer by spinning him around in a log near a cliff and Elmer has no way out. Daffy is still doing his song and dance number when Bugs returns and Bugs decides to let Daffy be on TV. Bugs mentions to Daffy that there will be 40 million people watching the show. When Daffy hears this, he gets stage fright and faints. In the end, Bugs is fanning Daffy and tells Burrows "Good Night, Everybody

Production and cancellation[edit]

  • This is the final cartoon in which Arthur Q. Bryan voiced Elmer Fudd. Bryan died in November 1959.
  • Burrows was voiced by Daws Butler.
  • Due to the long production time for theatrical cartoons, the cartoon was out of date by 1960 (in some cases it was cancelled originally), as Edward R. Murrow had left Person to Person and was replaced by Charles Collingwood and Michael Maltese left to Hanna Barbera in 1958.
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