Porky's Hero Agency

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Porky's Hero Agency is a 1937 cartoon directed by Robert Clampett, and starring Porky Pig.


Porky is reading the story of the gorgon. A Greek myth about a woman who turned everyone she looked at into stone. His mother tells him it's time to go to bed. While he's asleep he dreams of being a Greek hero known as Porkyakarkus. In this version the Gorgon runs a photo studio, and Porky is able to save by sneaking in and grabbing her life restoring needle, just before he wakes up.


Trivia Corner[edit]

The Three Stooges make a cameo.

Additionally the animators (Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Lu Guarnier, Robert Cannon, John Carey and Ernest Gee, appear as a human-like picket fence.

The name "Porkyakarkus" is a clear parody of Parkyakarkus, which was the stage name of a comedian named Harry Einstein. The character was a Greek-stereotype that he performed on the "Eddie Cantor" show.