Porky's Preview

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Porky's Preview is a 1941 black-and-white short starring Porky Pig.


An audience enters a movie theater run by Porky Pig. There are a series of short gags, including a Firefly acting out as an usher, a kangaroo that is taking tickets and putting them in her pouch, and a chicken buying child tickets for her eggs. A Skunk meanwhile attempts to buy a ticket that only costs a nickle, only to find he has a scent. He attempts to find a way in. At the same time, Porky is introducing the show, which is some cartoons featuring stick figures. By the end, the audience has deserted all because of the fact that the skunk was able to sneak inside. The cartoons include, Circus parade, choo-choo train, horse races and others, all of them featuring a self-parody musical score.