Quack Shot

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Quack Shot is a 1954 animated Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon short starring Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. It was directed by Robert McKimson.


Elmer Fudd is duck hunting at a lake when he shoots a young duckling which falls into his boat. As Elmer examines it, Daffy Duck pops out of the water and grabs the duckling from Elmer. Daffy then bandages the duckling and places it into the lake. Daffy then warns Elmer "If you sthhoot one more duck, justht one more duck, you will be in trouble!!" Elmer then proceeds to shoot Daffy at point-blank range, which removes Daffy's scalp. Daffy then uses various tricks to prevent Elmer's repeated attempts at hunting.

Usually, these tricks end up backfiring on Daffy, with one exception when Daffy launches a miniature toy battleship at Elmer's boat its guns shoot Elmer in the face after he retrieves the boat from the water. After Daffy tries to pull a few more pranks, Elmer ties him up with rope and sends him out into the lack on a boat filled with explosives. The boat heads out into the lake but then circles back toward the pier where Elmer is standing. At the boat returns toward the pier, Daffy manages to jump into the lake. The boat then explodes at the precise moment that it returns to the pier where Elmer is standing.

Elmer, wrapped in bandages, decides that he is going to try fishing instead. After he catches a miniature red-striped barracuda, a larger barracuda emerges from the lake, releases the smaller fish, and threatens Elmer against catching any more fish. Daffy then emerges from underneath Elmer's hat and utters the words "strong union" before hopping away on the water, holloring "Hoo-Hoo! Hoo-Hoo! Hoo-Hoo! Hoo-Hoo! Hoo-Hoo!". Then, The cartoon ends.

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