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Ralph Phillips

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Ralph Phillips is a Looney Tunes character. He first appeared in From A to Z-Z-Z in 1953, and then Boyhood Daze in 1957. The former was nominated for an Academy Award. Ralph is an imaginative boy who likes to daydream about all kinds of things he sees around him. He also appeared in the TV Pilot Adventures of the Road-Runner. He appeared as an older Army Recruit in two special cartoons created for the Army, 90 Day Wondering and Drafty, Isn't It? He was voiced by Dick Beals for the most part, but Mel Blanc voiced him in 90 Day Wondering, and Daws Butler voiced him in Drafty, Isn't It? He also has made numerous appearances in the Looney Tunes DC Comics.

He created by Chuck Jones (as a kid), Friz Freleng, and Robert McKimson.

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