Samurai Quack

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Samurai Quack is an episode from the 2nd season of Duck Dodgers.


The episode begins with Duck Dodgers awakening from a 3-day long slumber (with Happy Cat waking him up) to hunger. He goes to find something to eat, only to find the whole kitchen remodeled in an Asian fashion with Eager Young Space Cadet trying to cook some sushi. Dodgers then sabatoges the Cadet's cooking by eating everything he had already made. Dodgers notices a pufferfish and ignoring the Cadets warning, eats it in a sandwich, which after getting poisoned, sends him to a far away land similar to that shown in Samurai Jack. After many scenes of making fun of Samurai Jack (one example being Dodgers trying to push away closed captioning boxes that are frequently used in battle scenes in Samurai Jack), Dodgers finds out that Happy Cat brought him to that land and must defeat him to escape.

Dodgers meets up with Happy Cat (in a form similar to Aku) and they begin fighting, Samurai Jack style. With Dodgers being zapped by Happy Cat, he remembers his father and suddenly returns back to reality, only to see Cadet giving electric shock to wake him up. Once he is back to normal, he questions why everything he experienced seemed so real. Cadet tells him that the poison from the pufferfish gave him the idea that all that occured was real and tells Dodgers never to eat sushi again. The two leave, with the camera focusing on a Happy Cat-looking defibrillator that starts laughing maniacally and the episode ends.



  • The entire episode is a parody of Samurai Jack.
  • Happy Cat and Achoo (a play on Aku) were voiced by Mako who voiced Aku in Samurai Jack.