Scalp Trouble

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Scalp Trouble is a 1939 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Bob Clampett.


General Daffy is commanding a fort, but his troops are a sorry lot, the sorriest easily being Porky is impossible to get out of his bed, that is, until Daffy comes in and breaks the bed. Suddenly the Indian's launch an attack on the fort on horseback; Porky spots this, and tells the other sleeping solider, the last solider in line is the one who has scaled them all. Suddenly an indian drinks, "Fire Water" and spits out fire, which carves an indiana like hole in front of the fort. Porky then proceeds to fire a cannon, that results in him being jammed agaisnt a barrel, after which a short indiana uses a bow leg of a tall indiana to fire arrows. A solider is keeping score, the score reads, "Ten little indians." Porky then switches to pistols, and calls for bullets, and Daffy runs towards him in order to complete his request. Daffy then stumbles, which results in him swalloing a box of bullets, spitting them out in the process. Porky thinks quickly and is able to get rid of the indian invader's, who at the last minute carve into a mountain, "Yanks Beat Indians 11-3" before they take off.