Scent-imental Over You

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Scent-imental Over You
Directed By: Chuck Jones
Produced By: Eddie Selzer
Released: March 8th, 1947
Series: Looney Tunes
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Bea Benaderet
Starring: Pepé Le Pew
Preceded By: The Gay Anties
Succeeded By: A Hare Grows In Manhattan


 Scent-imental Over You is a 1947 Looney Tunes short.


A small dog, jealous of the other dogs who have fur coats, a hairless Mexican pooch decides to borrow a fur coat and enter the dog show. Unfortunately, she borrows a skunk pelt by accident, and soon attracts the unwanted attentions of the amorous Pepé Le Pew.


  • In this cartoon Pepe name is changed from Henry to Stinky.
  • This is the second and last cartoon where Pepe lived in American before moving to France.
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