Señorella and the Glass Huarache

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Señorella and the Glass Huarache is a 1964 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Hawley Pratt (who also produced the layouts) and written by John W. Dunn. The plotline is a typical Cinderella story, but set in Mexico. This was the last Looney Tunes short released before the Warner Bros. Cartoons division was shut down. It was also the final one-shot until 1968.


In this Mexican version of "Cinderella", Leetle Senorella's "strapmother" won't let her go to Prince Don Jose Miguel's big fiesta, but her fairy godmother comes through with a gorgeous wardrobe and a beautiful "transporte" drawn by a team of mules (formerly cockroaches). The heroine and Prince Don Jose tango the night away, but at midnight Senorella vammooses, leaving her glass huarache (a Mexican sandal) behind.

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