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September in the Rain

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September in the Rain is a Merrie Melodies Cartoon.


During after hours at a small grocery store, product logos come to life to sing and dance.


One late evening while its pouring outside, product logo's spring to life. First a bottle of Blueing sings, "Am I Blue" as a figure on a can of coffee plays his instrument, causing the Tootsie Tooth Paste begin to dance around like a snake. The light on a can of searchlight begins to move about as many Old Maid Cleanser lady's dance together. A single rubber glove begins to do a Scottish themed dance. Having to re-inflate himself after so long.

The camels on a pack of Carmel Turkish blend cigarettes march together. Then two weed-like creatures on bottles of Good Ol' Scotch begin to dance too!

Meanwhile in the fruit, a little worm pops out of an apple in multiple spots, then hops out to investigate and check things out. A few chicks on boxes of My Ami? Powder then proceed to chase after it. One of the chicks manages to get the worm but the worm refuses to give up. Causing the small chick to bounce around and slither until it pops out of the little chicks mouth and quickly hops away and back into an apple.

More singing takes place as a river on a box of threaded wheat rains onto the Salt cans beneath it. The girl sings as she holds her umbrella. The boy on the box of Uneedum approaches to sing and dance with her. Then the man on Dream of Wheat (a caricature of Al Jolson) begins to sing and make conversation with Aunt Emma on the can of Pancake Flour.

After he finishes, two figures on Domingo and Tareytown cigarettes dance with one-another. Including dancing on top of match boxes. Nearby two figures on the Gold Rust Twins Washing Powder tell the Bisquit chef to begin playing music. The Strong Arm baking soda arm hits the pan on the box of Kleenax as one of the gold rust twins begin to play the piano on the box of Piano Wax. The other one begins to sing as Aunt Emma begins to dance. Soon finishing with a trumpet solo.

The cartoon ends as the camera pans back to the window where its raining outside.


  • In Syndication, this cartoon has been rendered very short due to the removal of black characters.


  • Two out of five chicks were bright yellow while the others were paler. When they all pounce on the worm they all have pale yellow feathers. They turn back to bright yellow when chasing it.