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Snafuperman is a 1944 animated short comedy produced by Warner Bros. Pictures

Fairy godmother Turning Into Snafuperman (Perhaps It's Not Cinderella)

and directed by Friz Freleng. It is one of a series of black and white "Private Snafu" cartoons created for the Army-Navy Screen Magazine and shown only to American soldiers. The "Private Snafu" cartoons were not released commercially, until December 2010.


Technical Fairy, First Class—a miniature, shirtless, gravel-voiced G.I. with wings, who appears in nine of the shorts—grants Private Snafu the powers of Superman in order to fight the Nazis. But Snafu is still Snafu. Even with his new powers, he screws things up by refusing to read his training manuals.


The "Private Snafu" cartoons have fallen into the public domain and are widely available in free downloads and on unofficial VHS and DVD releases. Many have also been released officially. Snafuperman is a bonus feature on Warner Home Video's Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 3 and Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition. (Coincidentally, Warner Bros. and Superman's publishers, DC Comics, merged in 1969, which made the cartoon's inclusion in the latter set possible.)


This is one of the first Warner Bros. Superman-type cartoons. Others include Super Rabbit, Stupor Duck, Superbabs & Just-Us League of Supertoons (both from Tiny Toon Adventures).



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