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Snow Excuse

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Snow Excuse is a Merrie Melodies 1966 animated short featuring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales.


Speedy is freezing in his mountaintop cabin, and so asks Daffy if he can borrow some firewood. The ever-greedy duck stubbornly refuses, prompting Speedy to steal some wood so he can survive. Ripostes on both sides are thrown, including a stick of dynamite for Speedy, mousetraps and chocolate-covered ice logs for Daffy, and finally Speedy accidentally hurtling a snowball into Daffy's hacienda.

Beaten and out of both firewood and home, Daffy disguises himself as a mouse and asks to lodge up with Speedy, who agrees. Shrugging, Daffy tells the audience, "I always say, if you can't beat em, join em." Iris out.


  • On CBS, the following scenes have been cut,
    • Daffy shooting at Speedy through a rain gutter, with Daffy getting blasted by the bullets at the other end.
    • Speedy accidentally destroying Daffy's log cabin by rolling a snowball at it.


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