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Surpressed Duck

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Suppressed Duck is a 1965 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon starring Daffy Duck. This cartoon short is directed by Robert McKimson and written by David Detiege. It is the only Daffy Duck cartoon in the DePatie-Freleng series in which he doesn't co-star with another Looney Tunes character.


While on a hunting trip, Daffy Duck hopes to shoot a bear. An announcement from a nearby ranger station informs him of a boundary line drawn through the "hunting area." Hunters are told to remain on one side of the boundary and bears to remain on the other side, unless they want to get shot. Daffy chases several bears to the boundary line, and a ranger keeps him from pursuing them across it. One bear taunts Daffy from his side of the line.

In order to catch this bear, Daffy devises many schemes, including using bacon to entice the bear across the boundary line, erasing the boundary line, and disguising himself as a tree. Each time, the bear outsmarts him or he is caught and reprimanded by the park ranger.

In his last attempt to catch the bear, Daffy digs a tunnel underneath the boundary line. The bear discovers his plot, traces his way to the spot where Daffy would come out, and places a small cabin of dynamite above him before hiding. Daffy digs up into the cabin, causing the dynamite to explode, leaving him mostly featherless (except for his head). He gathers up his feathers, saying he is lucky that he keeps his feathers "numbered for just such an occasion."

While re-attaching his feathers, he soon discovers that the bottom half of his feathers are missing, and he turns to see the bear wearing them as a headdress and skirt. Before he can retrieve his feathers, the ranger informs him that hunting season is over. Daffy tells the bear: "You're despicable. You haven't seen the last of me." As he turns to leave, the backend of the barrel falls away, revealing his plucked behind.

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