Swing Ding Amigo

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Swing Ding Amigo is a 1966 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson with a story by Sid Marcus. It stars Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and other mice.


Speedy Gonzales owns the hottest nightclub in all of Mexico, Speedy's A-Go-Go Club, where mice dance to Spanish fiesta music. Upstairs, Daffy Duck cannot sleep because of the nightclub racket downstairs. He tries stuffing his ears with cotton and calling Speedy, attempting to crush him over the phone with a mallet.

Daffy later attempts to "make the joint jump" with a grenade, which Speedy and his friends constantly pop back at him until it finally blows up and Daffy recites an odd poem (with his own feathers floating like snow).

Finally, Daffy confronts Speedy personally and locks him out of the club. He then tries to shoot Speedy but instead hits the door and Speedy jumps in. Finally, Daffy uses a vacuum cleaner to suck him in, but Speedy finds a can of gunpowder, sucks it into the vacuum and lights it, blowing the vacuum (and Daffy) up.

With Daffy out of the way, Speedy continues to play his music. Meanwhile, Daffy (back in bed and fully recovered from his incident with the vacuum) finally admits defeat and happily plays a pair of cymbals to the tune of Speedy's music as the cartoon ends.


This is one of the few cartoons that doesn't use the gunshot SFX when the characters dash out of a scene.


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