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Test Stressed
Series: Tiny Toon Adventures
Season: 1
Episode #: 4
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Date aired: September 19, 1990
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Test Stress is the fourth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. The episode first aired on September 18, 1990.

Overall storyline[edit]

Plucky, Furrball, and Fowlmouth find themselves going through the tests of Cartoon Math, Mouse Catching, and Love, each separately.

Never Too Late To Loon[edit]

Plucky happens to be doing poorly in cartoon math, and hopes that Shirley the Loon will be able to channel Albert Einstein so he can become smarter.It is a success, but Plucky soon learns that Einstein never was that great at math.

Li'l Sneezer[edit]

Sylvester The Cat decides to test Furrball. He tells to catch a mouse named "Lil' Sneezer." Furrball has no idea, but Li'l Sneezer has a gigantic sneeze on him.

To Bleep Or Not To Bleep[edit]

Buster encounters Fowlmouth, who has a problem with swearing (his cusswords are censored, however). Fowlmouth desperately wants to go out with Shirley the Loon, but due to his swearing problem, she won't even acknowledge him. Busters creates a machine that attacks everytime Fowlmouth swears, but it ends up blowing up. Buster soon discovers that Fowlmouth doesn't swear around babies or children, so he arranges a date with Shirley and Busters follows them with babies.


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