The Electric Company

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The Electric Company was a children's TV program that ran in the 1970s on PBS.

File:Ec road runner.jpg
Wile E. Coyote on The Electric Company.


  • The Electric Company featured some short animated segments featuring Wile E. Coyote and The Road-Runner directed by Chuck Jones. These shorts showed the Coyote and Road Runner viewing words for the kids to read. The shorts were different from their Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons such as no physical violence was caused upon the Coyote.
  • In one short Wile E. is chasing the Road Runner and then see's signs that tell him "Slow", "Walk", "Hop", "Skip", "Crawl", and "Run". Wile E. obeys the commands of the signs and when he came to a dead in he saw a sign that says "Jump". He jumps over the sign and off a cliff and sees a sign that says "Fall" Wile E then falls and keeps bouncing on trampolines with signs that read "Bounce". It was then shown that all the signs were being placed by Road Runner who then sees a sign that says "Beep" so he says "Meep Meep!"
  • In another short the Road-Runner and Wile E. are at a starting line to run a race. The stoplight tells them "On your marks", "Get set" and when Wile E. thinks it said go he ran off but the Road-Runner calls him back with a "Meep-Meep!" and points at the traffic light which said "Smile". Wile E. smiles and obeys the lights commands. If it says "Laugh", Wile E. starts laughing. If it says "Cry", Wile E. starts crying, etc. It kept going faster and at the end it is revealed the traffic light was being operated by the Road-Runner.
  • There is one short where Wile E. is chasing the Road Runner and they stop at a stop light to see another Road Runner getting chased by another Coyote. Road Runner and Wile E. then look at each other and shrug their shoulders.
  • In another short Wile E. sees a sign that says "Road Runner 1 Foot". Wile E. is confused by it and reaches out his hand on Road Runner who was next to him. Road Runner beeps scaring Wile E. having him jump in the air and hanging onto a sign that reads "Road Runner 50 Feet". Road Runner holds up a sign saying "Goodbye" and runs off.
  • In another short Wile E. is chasing the Road Runner and falls on the ground in front of a sign that says "Down" but is pointing up. Wile E. laughs at it and makes the sign point down but then he falls off the cliff (from where the edge broke off) and lands in a river and there is a sign that reads "Splash" next to the river.


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