The Golden Age of Looney Tunes

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File:Golden Age LT Vol 1.jpg
Laserdisc Cover (Volume 1)

The Golden Age of Looney Tunes was a collection of laser discs released by MGM in the early 1990s. There were five sets made, featuring a number of discs, and each disc side represented a different theme, being made up of seven cartoons per side. The first collection was also released on home video, with each volume representing one disc side.

With the exception of the Censored Eleven, every Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies short in the Turner library was released in this collection.



Cover Title Shorts
Vol. 1: 1930'S Musicals
Vol. 2: Firsts
Vol. 3: Tex Avery
Vol. 4: Bob Clampett
Vol. 5: Bob Clampett
Vol. 6: McKimson & Davis
Vol. 7: Fables & Fairy Tales

Note: This video was recalled due to pressure from a Japanese group because the tape contained "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips". The 5-tape VHS boxed set was also recalled for the same reason.

Vol. 8: 1940's Zanies
Vol. 9: Hooray for Hollywood
Vol. 10: The Art of Bugs
VHS Boxed Set

Note: This boxed set was recalled.

  • Vol. 1: 1930s Musicals / Firsts
  • Vol. 2: Tex Avery / Bob Clampett
  • Vol. 3: Chuck Jones / Friz Freleng
  • Vol. 4: Bugs Bunny By Each Director / 1940s Zanies
  • Vol. 5: Hooray For Hollywood / The Art of Bugs


Cover Title Shorts
Vol. 1

Note: Some copies of this set have "Racketeer Rabbit" in place of "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips".

Side 1: 1930'S Musicals

Side 2: Firsts

Side 3: Tex Avery

Side 4: Bob Clampett

Side 5: Chuck Jones

Side 6: Friz Freleng

Side 7: Bugs Bynny by Each Director

Side 8: 1940's Zanies

Side 9: Hooray for Hollywood

Side 10: The Art of Bugs

Vol. 2

Side 1: Musical Madness

Side 2: Early Wabbits

Side 3: Frank Tashlin

Side 4: Chuck Jones

Side 5: Bob Clampett

Side 6: McKimson & Davis

Side 7: Fables & Fairy Tales

Side 8: The Art of Daffy

Side 9: Best Supporting Players

Side 10: Variations on a Theme

Vol. 3

Side 1: Harman-Ising

Side 2: Bugs Bunny

Side 3: Chuck Jones

Side 4: Friz Freleng

Side 5: Early Avery

Side 6: Tashlin/Clampett

Side 7: Sports

Side 8: The Evolution of Egghead

Side 9: Porky and Daffy

Side 10: Politically Incorrect

Vol. 4

Side 1: Bugs Bunny

Side 2: Early Chuck Jones

Side 3: Friz Freleng

Side 4: Cartoon All-Stars

Side 5: Radio Daze

Side 6: Frantic Forties

Side 7: Wacky Blackouts

Side 8: Ben Hardaway & Cal Dalton (and Private Snafu)

Side 9: Sniffles

Side 10: Merrie Melodies

Vol. 5

Side 1: Black and White Classics

Side 2: Early Avery

Side 3: Freleng Follies

Side 4: Musical Madness

Side 5: Pesky Pets

Side 6: Objects D'art

Side 7: Animal Antics

Side 8: Supplement Material