The Lion's Busy

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Title Card with Beaky Buzzard and Leo the Lion

The Lion's Busy is a seven minute Looney Tunes cartoon released in 1950 by Friz Freleng. It features Leo The Lion and Beaky Buzzard.

The title is another play on a telephone line, as with the earlier entry, Hold the Lion, Please.

Leo the Lion (who previously had appeared in Hold the Lion, Please) returns, however Leo is much smarter in this cartoon and talks with an Irish/Scottish accent.


Leo the Lion and his friends are celebrating his tenth birthday during which he reads a book he receives from Beaky that lions generally do not live longer than ten years. The ensuing animated sequence centers around Beaky attempting to eat the lion, regardless of the fact that he has not yet died. In conclusion, Leo takes a rocket to the moon where Beaky is waiting for him. Leo then traps himself in a cave for many years, and by the time he agrees to surrender to Beaky, both he and Beaky have both become so old that they can only eat marshmallows. Beaky appears to be much smarter in this cartoon than in his earlier outings, and seems to move incredibly fast (asking Leo "What kept ya?" when the lion arrives on the moon, presumably having outrun the buzzard).