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The Lyin' Mouse

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The Lyin' Mouse it's a 1937 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


A mouse is trying to free himself from a trap when a cat arrives. The mouse, desperate to avoid being eaten, asks if the cat has heard the story of "The Lion And The Mouse." He tells a story about a ferocious lion in the jungle who scares all the animals; the mouse has a horn that imitates the lion's roar, and has some fun with it until the lion catches him. The mouse pleads for his life, and the lion, distracted by a bigger catch, agrees. The bigger catch is a trap set by the Frank Cluck expedition; the lion avoids the first trap, but falls for the second, and find himself in a circus lion-taming act (where he put his head inside the tamer's mouth). The mouse happens by, and chews a lion-shaped hole in the lion's wooden cart/cage, setting him free. Back to the cat: moved by this story, he releases the mouse. Just before entering his hole, the mouse yells one last word at the cat: "Sucker!"

Status of original titles[edit]

Recreations of original titles are very similar to the originals, but the original BR ending has been lost due to the 1995 dubbed version release on LaserDisc, as like some late 1930s cartoons.


LaserDisc Volume 5, dubbed version

Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles: The Chuck Jones Collection, restored, dubbed version