The Maltese Canary

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The Maltese Canary is an episode of The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.


A group of shady characters in San Francisco, California, mistake Tweety as the Maltese Canary, a very valuable Canary.


Granny goes to San Francisco, California to take over for a detective who’s leaving a job While there, Tweety is mistaken to be the valuable "Maltese Canary" by two shady characters (one of them keeps changing her name) The shady characters’ boss, a guy who is fat, attempts to get inside but his weight pushes him back, leaving Granny trapped with the shady characters. Tweety flies out the window and Granny sends Sylvester to go look for him. He does and brings him back to Granny. The fat guy and the two shady characters are arrested right after Granny finds the real "Maltese Canary" which was located behind some books. The detective comes back and Granny leaves with Sylvester, Tweety, and Hector.


The title is play on the film "The Maltese Falcon".

Yosemite Sam makes a cameo as a pirate.