The Platypus Brothers

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The Platypus Brothers
Background information
Debut appearance:
Created by: Art Vitello
Portrayed by:

Daniel and Timothy Platypus are two orange platypus brothers who work as amateur inventors in Taz-Mania, as well as working in the Hotel Taz-Mania, where they are in charge of maintenance, repair and installation of all sorts of equipments. They are nearly identical to each other, but Timothy wears glasses and his cap is always backwards.

The Platypus Brothers are close friends with Taz, despite often causing trouble for him due to their malfunctioning contraptions. Being platypi, they enjoy swimming and their house is built above the water (which is also an occasional source of problems for Taz due to his hydrophobia). Their design and speech pattern slightly resemble Daffy Duck, and like Daffy the Platypus Brothers have a high opinion of themselves. Unlike Daffy, however, they are nearly always cheerful and optimistic and are driven by a genuine wish to help. Even when they fail miserably, they will often smile and find an excuse to consider the experiment a success. They are so proud of their work and so little in touch with reality that they will often ignore the fact that their inventions frequently lead to Taz or other characters getting hurt.

The platypi are voiced by Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen, the same voice actors of another Warner Brothers famous duo: Pinky and the Brain.