The Stupor Salesman

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thumb|300px|right|added by invader daffyThe Stupor Salesman is a Warner Bros. animated cartoon of the Looney Tunes series, directed by Arthur Davis, written by Lloyd Turner and Bill Scott, and released on November 20, 1948. It stars Mel Blanc as the voices of Daffy Duck and Slug McSlug, an infamous bank robber.

Plot summary[edit]

Slug McSlug, a notorious criminal, is chased by police after successfully robbing the Last National Bank. He reaches his country hideout, where he is promptly visited by an uninvited Daffy Duck, who is a door-to-door salesman of a variety of items. McSlug slams the door in Daffy's face, but Daffy doggedly persists in his efforts to sell something to McSlug, raising the ire of the wanted criminal. McSlug opens fire on Daffy, who conveniently is wearing a sample of his company's bullet-proof vests. "Guaranteed to get your money back if it doesn't work!" says Daffy. When Daffy turns on the gas of McSlug's stove to demonstrate the igniting power of his sample lighter, McSlug literally throws Daffy out and tries the lighter himself, which blows the hideout and McSlug sky-high. The victorious Daffy yells toward the sky: "Hey, bub! You need a house to go with this doorknob!"[2]

Looney Tunes gags[edit]

  • The "eyes-in-the-dark" gag had been previously used in Frank Tashlin's wartime cartoon, Scrap Happy Daffy (1942). Daffy ends the sentences before he realizes those are his eyes, in the same word, "nincompoop".


  • When this cartoon aired on FOX's "The Merrie Melodies Show", the part where Slug McSlug points his gun at Daffy's stomach and Daffy uses a polish that makes the gun fall limp was cut.
  • When this cartoon aired on the WB, the part where Daffy turns on the gas stove and tries to flick the lighter on was cut.


The Stuper Salesman can be found on the four-disc DVD box set Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5, as well as the similar, two-disc DVD Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection: Volume 5.

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