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Tiny Toons is not currently airing on television, though the much funnier Animaniacs is on the Hub (mon-thurs, 7 pm, chan 100). For Tiny Toons, most if not all their episodes are avaible on YouTube, to get an opinon of the show I would suggest one of these episodes, "Prom-ise Her Anything", "Furrball Follies", "You Asked for It", "You Asked for It, Part II", "Test Stressed", "The Wheel o' Comedy", "Love Stinks", or "The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain".

Back to the 90's, I now see you were refurring to the quility of the animation and not the quility of the show itself (which would have been weird because the 90's cartoons are some of the most famous ever)<ac_metadata title="Responce to Tiny Toon Wall"> </ac_metadata>