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While I do appreciate that you wish to be active on Wikia and contribute to wikis, you are currently supposed to be blocked globally. I believe your original block was only 2 weeks, which means, if you had of sat out your block duration when you were blocked, your block would be over by now.

I am forced to do the same with these last accounts that you have created. I will once again block you and the IPs you're editing from. I will ask, one last time, that you do not bypass these blocks and wait out your 2 week block. If you do not, and I find that you have once again evaded your block, you will be blocked permanently on sight from here on out. This is your last warning. If you wish to discuss this, or have any questions, please contact me through Special:Contact (put @Rappy in the subject).<ac_metadata title="Global block evasion"> </ac_metadata>