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I think Hawley Pratt originally Directed Nuts And Volts but for some reason was credited to Friz Freleng. I think this because After Warner Brothers Shut Down in 1963. Friz Freleng left Directing Looney Tunes/ Merrie Melodies for  4 months while being a Story Director for " Hey There Its Yogi Bear" for Hanna Barbera. So Hawley Pratt (possibly) Directed Nuts And Volts and also did the Layouts for the Cartoon. David H. DePatie I think was a Producer For the Cartoon. So Nuts And Volts in my notes was offically directed by Hawley Pratt but was Credited to Friz Freleng. i also Think that Nuts And Volts had the Abstract WB Logo When it was relesed . But when it was relesed on DVD it had the Tanget WB Logos. Pratts Last Cartoon to direct was "Senorella And The Glass Huarache" (1964)

My Notes of What Pratt Directed

Nuts And Volts (1964) (Possibly Like I Said Pratt was the Director

& Senorella And The Glass Huarache (1964)<ac_metadata title="Did Hawley Pratt Directed Nuts And Volts (1964)"> </ac_metadata>