Tick Tock Tuckered

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Tick Tock Tuckered is a 1944 Merrie Melodies cartoon. It is a color remake of Porky's Badtime Story. It was directed by Bob Clampett, with the story credited to Warren Foster. Two animators; Rod Scribner and Thomas McKimson worked on this cartoon. The plot of the two cartoons is very similar. It involves Porky Pig and Daffy Duck trying to get a good night's sleep so they can get up early for work so they won't be fired, but a series of problems keep them awake. Tick Tock Tuckered featured Daffy Duck this time as Porky's roommate and was released on April 8, 1944. The boss character in this cartoon was a caricature of Clampett's immediate boss, production manager Ray Katz.


  • In this short, Daffy Duck is Porky Pig's roommate. In Porky's Badtime Story, it was Gabby Goat who was his roommate.