Tortilla Flaps

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Tortilla Flaps is a Looney Tunes cartoon which was released to theaters on January 18, 1958, starring Speedy Gonzales and Senõr Vulturo. It was directed by Bob McKimson, animated by George Grandpré and Ted Bonnicksen, written by Tedd Pierce, layouts by Robert Gribbroek, backgrounds by Richard H. Thomas, edited by SFX wizard Treg Brown, voices by Mel Blanc, and the musical direction was supervised by Milt Franklyn.


While Speedy is playing ping-pong (by himself), a hungry crow named Senior Vultoro swoops down and tries to eat the mice.


Mel Blanc provided the voice for both Speedy and Vulturo.


  • This is Speedy Gonzales' 5th cartoon.
  • This is Bob McKimson's 104th cartoon as director at Warner Bros., in fact, this is his 168th cartoon altogether (animator and director).