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Golden Sweetie Belle
User information
Real name: Elizabeth Schnabel
Age: 16
Other names: Goldilocks, GSB, Sweetie
Gender: FEMALE
Favorite characters: Penelope Pussycat
Fifi La Fume
Birthday June 15
User rights: ACME Head, Asylum Ward
Favorite wikis: Looney Tunes Wiki, Cinemapedia, Batman Wiki, LyricWiki, My Little NeoWiki

Hello, I am Golden Sweetie Belle, one of the Asylum Wards of this wiki.

How to contact me[edit]

  • E-mail me - I have a Gmail app installed on my iPhone so I will always answer when e-mailed.
  • IRC - IRC is a frequent hangout of mine and you can find me there at anytime.
  • Text me - My phone number is 435-817-2933.
  • Leave a message on my talk page

My userboxes[edit]

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This user is female.


This user is a fan of Penelope Pussycat.


This user is a fan of Fifi La Fume.


This user is a fan of Chuck Jones' cartoons.


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