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Hi, I'm Emily. I have an account on Wikipedia, under the name "PopKorn Kat". I'm against vandalism on wiki sites like this one, and I go in there and revert it all. The reason I joined this place is to figure out why one wiki wouldn't let me edit. I'm planning on being less active here. Thanks.

I also created a wiki, called the Classic Animation Wiki.

Favorite cartoons[edit]

American cartoons from the 1920s to the 1970s, though I like the 1930s stuff, especially the EARLY 1930s (1930-1933).

Editing history[edit]

I edited on various wikis under two IP addresses, two, here and the DisneyWiki, I edited regularly, fighting vandalism. Others, I fixed typos, doing most of the same thing.

The first edit I ever made on this wiki was to the First appearance page.

Favorite pages[edit]