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I won't go with the cliche' and say, "i'm on the Looney Tunes Wiki because I love the series and want to contribute to it's Wiki"...nah... i'm gonna say, "i'm on this wiki because I want to leave my mark here as working to expand the wiki for a series I do dearly cherish."

Ya' see what I did there? I charmed up that cliche'...

"Should anyone visit, welcome to my page."

My favorite Voice Actors

Mel Blanc

Jeff Bergman

Billy West

Rob Paulsen

Tress MacNeille

Kath Soucie

Bob Bergen

Jaleel White

Favorite Animation Companies

Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS)

Rough Draft Korea

Wang Film Productions

MOI Animation

Individual Animators who take time with their work

Favorite Cartoons

Sonic the hedgehog

Looney Tunes

Generator Rex

Avatar: the last airbender

The Amazing World of Gumball

Tiny Toon Adventures

The Boondocks

Loonatics Unleashed (last few episodes)

Favorite Movies

Space Jam (even tho' it was a 90 minute commercial)



Osmosis Jones


The Green Mile