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Hey there. As you can tell,I'm still somewhat "new to wikia."

How did I get here? Simple really.

After stumbling across this site when I was websurfing, I found it has a page devoted to one of my favorite "old school toons" The Big Snooze.

Other than that bit of trivia..I enjoy several hobbies,like writing and listening to music. Oh yeah,and playing "the Sims",on two consoles (haven't for awhile..on ps2), I also like watching youtube videos (who doesn't?),and a good movie once in awhile.

I'm not looking to do many edits here. So please,if I do an edit? Nothing personal,unless you are spamming,and adding filthy comments. I would also like to point out,that I edit,to avoid problems,not to create any further "drama." close,expect edits to this page,as necessary.

Oh yeah,didn't mention this? I used to collect scripts from shows,among other things. I might (oh I hope so),be able to pick up a script from "WoWP;Three Maxes and a little lady." All depends on what an "ebay seller" can do. No word yet,on the script. And..still waiting on the script. Script might be a lost cause,by now. :(

Current xbox360 obsession: Lego Indiana Jones,the original adventures. That,and "Kung Fu Panda." Double games,one low price..heh heh.

Yu Gi Oh,the Dawn of Destiny. xbox game..tedious,yet fun.

Oh yeah,and "The Sims 3"

I can be found on twitter,if needed (or not). I'm known there,as mimacjunk. ;P


Oh yes,almost forgot,I'm on deviantart.

(Some) of my favorite movies[edit]

  • Despicable Me (Watch,or suffer the wrath of GRU! j/k)
  • Just Go With It
  • Favorite page #3