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User blog:ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1/Important Announcement

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This blog post involves wiki issues. Please comment.


Hello folks. We have very exciting news.

We are going to be merging multiple dead wikis here to collect information and media, expanding the wiki into a better community.

The list of wikis that shall be merged is here:

Looney Tunes: Back in Action Wiki (Finished)

Space Jam Wiki (Finished)

Pinky and the Brain Wiki (Finished)

Taz-Mania Wiki (Finished)

The "Unofficial" Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki (Finished)

Looney Tunes Meals Wiki (Finished)

The "Unofficial" Looney Tunes Wiki (Finished)

Duck Dodgers Wiki (Finished)

Baby Looney Tunes Wiki

Also, we are going to be gaining affilates, and losing some as well. All Wikis we are affilated with will be official, not just placed on a page. We have affiliated with a few new wikis, so say hello to these wikis:

Looney Tunes Comics Wiki

Woody Woodpecker Wiki

Tom and Jerry Wiki

The Looney Tunes Show Fanon Wiki

Roger Rabbit Wiki

Tom and Jerry Tales Wiki

Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki (Doctor Bug's Fanon, CuldeSac12's may be merged)

Loonatics Unleashed Wiki

The Looney Tunes Show Wiki

Animaniacs Wiki

Baby Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki

Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki

Duck Dynasty Wiki (As an "Our Friend" Affilate)

Teleram Wiki (As an "Our Friend" Affiliate)

Avatar Archives Wiki (As an "Our Friend Affiliate)

Cartoon Characters Wiki (As an "Our Friend" Affiliate)

Cartoon Hall of Fame Wiki (As an "Our Friend" Affiliate)

Affilates that will be leaving (due to not being LT related or Classic Cartoon related) are listed below:

Rarityfan Wiki

Quotes Wiki

Cute Characters Wiki

New Uncreative Wiki

LT Meetinghouse Wiki Henchman Wiki

Fanon Spin-Offs Wiki 

Affiliates Up For Discussion are listed here (If they were to be kept on, they'd be kept on as Our Friends, with the exception of Roger Rabbit) (UPDATE 8/16/13: Roger Rabbit and Tom and Jerry Tales Wikis are staying on as Official Affilates, while Avatar Archives and Cartoon Characters Wiki will stay on as "Our Friend" affilates. Cartoon Hall of Fame is still in discussion as an Our Friend affilate with Fred).


Affiliates We Hope To Gain In The Future And Possible Merge:


We are super excited in this project to expand our community and expand our information and media to become an ultimate Looney Tunes resource. During this time you may find some updates, but please stay tuned, as we're working to bring you a great experience here. Thanks to all the members of the wiki for your loyal support since 2006 to now. :)