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Hey guys, Tanner here.

I'm assuming most of you have read or heard about my cynical messages to Bugs. I do not deny writing them, and willingly accept any consequences that may follow.

On a more relevant note, I shall be leaving Looney Tunes Wiki, most likely forever. The reasons why are as follows:

  1. It just somehow doesn't feel the same anymore
  2. The community's always been too small, and the amount of short, choppy stub articles too large.
  3. I just don't see any point in continuing to edit, or to pretend that we're eventually going to get somewhere. 
  4. Most likely due to my OCD, I've become harmfully addicted to Wikia and should probably try to overcome it


  • Teleram - Cheers for being so loyal to me. I hope to continue to get to see you on other wikis.
  • Freadliest warrior - Cheers for getting me into Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. Good luck with your wiki.
  • CalzoneManiac - I hope you do get promoted eventually; you truly deserve it.
  • LevenThumps - You truly deserved your b-crat rights. You have all the qualities a good b-crat should have: loyalty, determination, integrity, all that stuff. Good luck.
  • Doctor Bugs - Cheers for standing up to me so many times, even though I treated you like garbo and we now hate each other.
  • CNF - You edit pretty fast for a woodpecker.
  • Moehoward - Sorry for all the drama I brought to your wiki.

Goodbye, everyone. And good luck with the wiki.

- Best regards,
My name is Skrillex 17:56, July 26, 2013 (UTC)