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Virgil Ross is an animator of cartoons, who worked under the units of Fred Avery, Robert Clampett, and Isadore Freleng, in chronological order.

Notable Work[edit]


  • "I always had an eye for movement, and I think this kept me in the business a lot longer than a lot of guys, despite the fact that I really wasn't very good at drawing. When I started out in animation, you didn't have to be a good artist. I just had a little natural talent, and it's mostly just timing anyway."
  • "We received orders from the story department that they needed a drawing of a rabbit. We all did drawings and tacked them on the wall, and the screenwriters voted on them. We had 1 director named 'Ben Hardaway,' and for some reason, this 1 rabbit became known as 'Bugs Bunny.' Leon Schlesinger liked the sound of the name and told them to keep it, and that's how Bugs Bunny got his name. Years later, before he died, Ben tried to get some credit for making the character, which he probably deserved. But Warner Bros owned the rights to everything we created."