Walter Wolf

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File:Walter wolf.jpg
Walter is planning his evil scheme.

Walter Wolf is Slappy Squirrel's arch-enemy. He has attempted to defeat Slappy on several occasions.


  • On a number of noted occasions Walter Wolf had tried to do the following,
  • Sued Slappy because he felt she was abusing him (And justice for Slappy).
  • Fake his death so he can surprise Slappy (Hurray for Slappy).
  • Teams up with Slappy's two other nemesis's such as Sid the Squid and Beanie The Brain-Dead Bison.
  • All and all these schemes always fail resulting in Walter Wolf's utter demise.

Voice actor[edit]

He was voiced by Frank Welker in his first appearance, but Jess Harnell voiced him in all subsequent appearances after but now he's voiced by Daran Norris.