Warner Bros. Animation

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Warner Bros. Animation is a recent incarnation of the animation studio that produced the classic Looney Tunes. It creates cartoons mainly for TV and their work not only includes new shows for the Looney Tunes characters (Duck Dodgers, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries) but also animation featuring the DC Comics characters and Hanna-Barbera properties (since the latter company was bought by Warner's).

For years, the logo for the company was a modern-design Bugs Bunny in a suit and tie, munching on a carrot and leaning on the Warner Bros. shield with one hand, with a sky background. This logo was also used for live-action films coming from Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.

In November 2008, Warner's created a new logo to debut with Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The new logo features a much more early-1940s style Bugs, again eating a carrot, but this time leaning on the shield with his back, with a red background.