Wendal T. Wolf

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Wendal T. Wolf
Background information
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Woeful Wolf
Created by: Art Vitello
Portrayed by: Jim Cummings

Wendal T. Wolf is a Tasmanian wolf, who believes that he's the last of his species. He regularly appears in Taz-Mania. He first appears in the episode Woeful Wolf, in which The Tasmanian Devil chases after him, and shortly after eating him, Taz spits out Wendal. Wendal then sees Taz as a personal protector, although Taz would rather stay away from Wendell.

Some of the episodes starring Wendal use the Tasmanian Theater format, a parody of Masterpiece Theater hosted by Mr. Thickley.

Wendal talks and acts like Woody Allen. Wendal was voiced by Jim Cummings.