What Makes Daffy Duck?

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What Makes Daffy Duck is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon, directed by the short-time director Arthur Davis, and starring Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and an unnamed fox. The film is notable as the fourth pairing of Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck, their first pairing being To Duck or Not to Duck and the second being The Stupid Cupid.thumb|300px|right|This From Dailymotion


When this cartoon broadcast on the former WB Network the following scene is edited: Daffy uses a duckcall to alert the Fox of the female duck (Elmer Fudd in disguise) sitting in the lake. The Fox grabs the duck/Elmer by his neck and starts running. Soon the Fox stops and asks "What kind of a duck is this?", opening up the top-half of the duck and  revealing Elmer who points his rifle at the Fox's face and says "Muscling in on my territory again, eh? I'm gonna--". The Fox then slams the top of the duck costume back down on Fudd and Elmer goes after him yelling, "Come back here you, cwazy chawacter!". On the WB!, the scene jumped from Daffy with the duckcall to Elmer running after the Fox and yelling, "Come back here, you cwazy chawacter!". Also cut (by the same channel) was the scene where Elmer holds the Fox at gunpoint after the Fox drowns in his boat. The cut version goes from the Fox drowning to Elmer calling the Fox a "doggone crook".


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