Which Is Witch

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Which is Witch is a 1949 cartoon starring Bugs Bunny.


A witch doctor attempting to create a magic potion, finds that he cannot complete it without the last ingredient needed: a rabbit. The witch doctor attempts to look for one, but unfortunately he finds Bugs Bunny who with his usual tricks, averts him.


Bugs Bunny is exploring Dark Africa, but he runs into a short witch doctor ("Dr. I.C. Spots") wants to use him as a key ingredient in a prescription. At first Bugs tricks the mad doctor, but the doctor threatens Bugs with his spear and takes Bugs backs to his hut. Initially believing he is enjoying a hot bath, Bugs notices that he's being cooked and escapes, while Dr. Spots chases him. Bugs disguises himself as a Zulu native woman but this ploy fails. In the river, he finds and swims to a ferry boat. As Dr. Spots follows Bugs to the boat, a crocodile eats him and it swam over to the boat. Although the witch doctor is his enemy, Bugs wrestles the croc, finally emerging from the water with a crocodile skin handbag (Bugs having implicitly killed the animal and converted it to this form), from which Spots emerges unharmed, clad in crocodile skin attire.