Willie Wombat

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Willy Wombat is a character on Taz-Mania. He is inspired to become a famous cartoon character.


Willy mostly resembles a wombat save for the fact that he is brown instead of gray and can stand on two legs (as most animated cartoon characters do).


Willy Wombat is a generally cheerful fellow, until he a run in with The Tasmanian Devil (often not ending on such a positive note). He is also a wannabe actor.

Originally, he was more antagonistic to Tasmanian, but later episodes show that he greatly admires Tasmanian, and what he does. This is shown in one episode where he literally asks Tasmanian and his family to help him change his ways. Despite this all, his anger often gets him at odds with Tasmanian during most of the episodes that he appears in. He also commonly broke the fictional boundaries, complaining to the audience that he didn't want to do old Bugs Bunny cartoons claiming that it was often a cheap parody. Instead he wanted to star in cartoons that fit his behavior (Which was generally cheerful). While he is generally a cheerful fellow, if pushed too far he can have outbursts of anger.

Relationship with Tasmanian[edit]

In most of his appearances Willy is not scared of Tasmanian and therefore does not run whenever he sees him. Generally the relationship between the two is mixed, with Willy rotating as a rival/friend of Tasmanian, sometimes out of jealousy that the marsupial is getting more attention than he is.


In Willie Wombat's Deja Boo-Boo he was able to recognize Tasmanian based off the fact that he aware of him from some Bugs Bunny cartoons. He then proceeds to tell him that he doesn't want to star in another Bugs Bunny cartoon. This backfired when he was given the role of Wile E. Coyote and Tasmanian was Roadrunner. This ended with him wanting to do another role, which switched in the role of Sylvester Cat and then as George P. Dog. By the end of the cartoon he and Tasmanian have reached an agreement but the cartoon is already ending, so it's too late.