Willie Wombat's Last Stand

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Willie Wombat's Last Stand is an episode of Taz-Mania.


Willie Wombat is in his house talking on the phone with his mother, when he stops after hearing a sound. He proclaims that his cartoon is starting, and walks outside, and sees all of the animals are running. Wondering what's happened, he's stop a groundhog named Gary. The groundhog tells him to run because the Tasmanian Devil is on the lose. The gopher runs off and he asks, "What is a Tasmanian Devil".

Taz arrives and Willie doesn't seem to be scared of him, as the other animals are. Taz's breathes into his face and Willie responds back by making the sound that Taz's does, but apologizes.

Willie then reads the script and is furious with it. The reason for this is because the script keeps reading Bugs Bunny, but Willie doesn't want to be like bugs bunny. He explains that he's getting tired of what he's doing, and he's asks Taz if he's getting tired of what he does. He says, "No!"

Willie hopes that he'll be able to star in a new series, one that is kinder, gentler. He thinks and thinks, and then decides that along with Taz he will go the office in hopes of getting his show, but the women at the front desk ignores him and puts all her attention on Taz. Willie is unimpressed and hopes to get the attention of one of the people working there, but he only pays attention to Taz.

After a while of being ignored, Willie Wombat learns that the boss is finally ready to see Taz. Willie decides to go with him in hopes that he will accept his show idea. Things don't go so well when the Boss has an emergency to attend to and ignores the wombat.

It's nearly twelve and Willie is finally able to see the boss, but is interrupted by another writer that speed through. A man comes out and tells Willie that there are some colar problems with a boulder. This irritates Willie.

As Willie is explaining his idea to a man (Who is bored out of his mind) he is amazed to find a group of people crowding over Taz. These people are asking Taz to spit. Willie tries to get there attention but they only scold at him.

Willie sees that his opportunity to see the boss is at hand. But his attempts are interrupted by Buddy Boar. This makes him very furious and he goes into the bathroom in an attempt to practice (Including a scene where he gets angry). Ironically some guy from the studio was in the bathroom and he heard everything that Willie said. He tells him, "Go get em tiger".

As Buddy Boar is leaving, Willie and Taz attempt to break in, but the lady at the desk tells him that the boss is ready to see them, but he wants to see Taz first. This makes Willie angry and he demands that the boss speak to him first. The boss tells him that he was planning on putting Willie in a cartoon that was supposed to be gentler, and kinder, when Willie learns this he comes out asking for a cup of coffee. The scene then goes back to the beginning with all of the animals running. Willie says, "I could make a living out of this".