Wise Quacks

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Wise Quacks is a 1939 Looney Tunes Cartoon featuring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck.


Mr.and Mrs. Daffy Duck are having ducklings, which Porky becomes exited about. But the eggs don't seem to be hatching, and Daffy paces, waiting while drinking corn juice, which causes him to become drunk. As Mrs. Duck precedes to warm her bottom by the fire to help the eggs hatch, they hatch and yell out "Don't do it! We'll come out!" Porky then comes along to Daffy's House Sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" and See's Daffy and Says "Gee, Daffy I'm Glad to Hear About--" Daffy Then Shh's Him and Points to Mrs. Duck with the Ducklings with One Un-Hatched.Porky Then Grabs it and it Hatches and Porky Says "S-So I Bet You Think I'm You D-D-D-Poppa, Don't You?". The Duckling Nods Yes and Says "No. Nuh-uh". It Then Goes to a Drunk Daffy Hiccuping. Mrs. Daffy Sniffs Him and Asks if He's Drinking. Daffy Replies "Drinking?Drinking?Me Drinking?" and Nods No and Says "Yes.". Mrs. Duck Hits Him with a Rolling Pin. Then a Vulture Comes By and Kidnapps the Ducklings as Daffy Goes to Save Them, They Trap Daffy in a Shed and Mrs. Duck and Porky Open the Door and Daffy and an Army of Vultures are Drunk Singing. Mrs. Duck Smashes the Botttle of Corn Juice. Iris-Out.